I met my first workout goal

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Go me! My first mini goal was to get myself back up to 30 minutes on the elliptical without keeling over and dying. Mission accomplished! It only took about 4 workouts to reach that goal, and now it's time to set another mini goal. I'm thinking of staying at 30 minutes for a while, then pushing up to 45 minutes. But I think my next goal will have something to do with pushups or crunches. Not quite sure yet.

I would also like to start running, since that's free and I can do it anywhere and get a change of scenery as well. There is a 13-week program I can start, but I'm just trying to decide when I would do it. I get up and leave for work too early (I am NOT going for a run at 3 am, thanks) and when I get home, which is usually when I work out, it's too damn hot to even think about running outside. Which leaves the evenings, after dinner, which isn't good because I don't want to run with a full belly, plus I go to bed early. Maybe that will be an autumn project. Unless I can find an indoor track somewhere.

2 pounds lost, 23 to go. I can do it!

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